PD Blog: March

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Online resources


Read – professional reading

Available from the library database

Fernández‐Calderón, F., Díaz‐Batanero, C., Barratt, M. J., & Palamar, J. J. (2018). Harm reduction strategies related to dosing and their relation to harms among festival attendees who use multiple drugs. Drug and Alcohol Review.

Graj, E., Sheen, J., Dudley, A., Sutherland‐Smith, W., & McGillivray, J. (2018). Enhancing student competency in risky clinical environments: Evaluating an online education program. Australian Psychologist.

Novak, P., Feder, K. A., Ali, M. M., & Chen, J. (2019). Behavioral health treatment utilization among individuals with co-occurring opioid use disorder and mental illness: Evidence from a national survey. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 98, 47-52.

Passetti, L. L., Godley, M. D., Greene, A. R., & White, W. L. (2019). The Volunteer Recovery Support for Adolescents (VRSA) experiment: Recruiting, retaining, training, and supervising volunteers to implement recovery monitoring and support services. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 98, 1.

Thomas, D. P., Davey, M. E., van der Sterren, A. E., Lyons, L., Hunt, J. M., & Bennet, P. T. (2019). Social networks and quitting in a national cohort of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smokers. Drug and Alcohol Review.

Open Access Articles

Charak, R., Villarreal, L., Schmitz, R. M., Hirai, M., & Ford, J. D. (2019). Patterns of childhood maltreatment and intimate partner violence, emotion dysregulation, and mental health symptoms among lesbian, gay, and bisexual emerging adults: a three-step latent class approach. Child Abuse & Neglect, 89, 99-110.

Coleman, C., Man, N. W. Y., Gilroy, J., & Madden, R. (2018). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disability prevalence: making sense of multiple estimates and definitions. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 42(6), 562-566.

Crouse, J. J., Chitty, K. M., Iorfino, F., White, D., Nichles, A., Zmicerevska, N., … & Hickie, I. B. (2019). Exploring associations between early substance use and longitudinal socio-occupational functioning in young people engaged in a mental health service. PloS One, 14(1), e0210877.

Rush, B., & Urbanoski, K. (2019). Seven Core Principles of Substance Use Treatment System Design to Aid in Identifying Strengths, Gaps, and Required Enhancements. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, Supplement, (s18), 9-21.

Open access online journal

PloS One: Open access peer-reviewed science research

Useful resources

The Matilda Centre for Research in Mental health and Substance Use

Brings together leading researchers and clinicians to share skills and knowledge. Includes links to online portals, factsheets and manuals.

e-Book of the month

Greenfield, S. F. (2016). Treating Women with Substance Use Disorders : The Women’s Recovery Group Manual. New York: The Guilford Press.

Filling a crucial need, this manual presents the Women’s Recovery Group (WRG), an empirically supported treatment approach that emphasizes self-care and developing skills for relapse prevention and recovery. Grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy, the WRG is designed for a broad population of women with alcohol and drug use disorders, regardless of their specific substance of abuse, age, or co-occurring disorders. Step-by-step intervention guidelines are accompanied by 80 reproducible clinical tools, including participant handouts, session outlines, bulletin board materials, and more. The large-size format facilitates photocopying; purchasers also get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials.

Free to download for all HOA staff from the library catalogue on work computers

Attend – informal learning sessions, journal club, seminar series

Insight Queensland

Free training sessions at Biala Community Health Centre in Brisbane, unless otherwise specified including:

12th March: Dovetail- Young people and drugs. 9:00-16:30 at Mt Isa

12th March: “AOD crash course” – introduction to working with people who use substances. 9:00-16:30

14th March: Micro-counselling skills and brief interventions. 8:30-16:30 at Townsville

15th March: Understanding psychoactive drugs. 8:30-16:00 at Townsville (prerequisite: online induction module 2)

19th March: Understanding psychoactive drugs. 9:00-16:30 (prerequisite: online induction module 2)

21st March: AOD clinical assessment. 9:00-16:30 (prerequisite: online induction module 4)

26th March: Micro-counselling skills and brief interventions. 9:00-16:30

27th March: Understanding psychoactive drugs. 9:00-16:30 at the Sunshine Coast (prerequisite: online induction module 2)

28th March: Micro-counselling skills and brief interventions. 9:00-16:30 at the Sunshine Coast

Online induction modules are a prerequisite to some of the courses. To access and download them, visit www.insightqld.org

Attend – conferences 

  • 2019 National Indigenous Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Conference September 25-27, 2018 Darwin NT
  • 2019 Indigenous Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Conference September 25-27, 2019 Darwin NT

Costs from $650-1500. Register here

Write – presentations and papers

Get published in the Drug and Alcohol Review. Full details here

Listen – podcasts, webinars

is the first show by people with mental illness for people with mental illness. Hosted by Gabe Howard and Michelle Hammer, each episode looks at life through the unique lens of people living with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. New episodes every Monday on your favorite podcast player.

Insight Webinars are starting on 13th March and are held on Wednesdays at 10:00 (AEST). More details soon

Insight presentation recordings available now on YouTube

Assessed learning – short courses, certificates, diplomas, bachelors, post-grad

Insight QLD e-learning is a 6 module free online learning package:

  1. Big picture
  2. Understanding psychoactive drugs
  3. Micro-counselling skills
  4. AOD clinical assessment
  5. Motivational interviewing
  6. Relapse prevention and management

More details here

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