PD Blog: January and February

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Online resources

Read – professional reading

Available from the library database

Duthie, D. (2019). Embedding Indigenous Knowledges and Cultural Safety in Social Work Curricula. Australian Social Work, 72(1), 113–116.

Ehlers, C. L., Gilder, D. A., Gizer, I. R., & Wilhelmsen, K. C. (2019). Indexing the ‘dark side of addiction’: substance‐induced affective symptoms and alcohol use disorders. Addiction, 114(1), 139–149.

Kremer, P., Crooks, N., Rowland, B., Hall, J., & Toumbourou, J. W. (2018). Underage alcohol sales in community sporting clubs. Drug and Alcohol Review, 37(7), 879–886

Reid, N. (2018). Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Australia: What is the current state of affairs? Drug and Alcohol Review, 37(7), 827–830.

Stanesby, O., Jayasekara, H., Callinan, S., Room, R., English, D., Giles, G. G., … Livingston, M. (2018). Women’s role in the rise in drinking in Australia 1950–80: an age–period–cohort analysis of data from the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study. Addiction, 113(12), 2194–2202.

Villarosa-Hurlocker, M. C., O’Sickey, A. J., Houck, J. M., & Moyers, T. B. (2019). Examining the influence of active ingredients of motivational interviewing on client change talk. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 96(1), 39–45.

Western, Deborah. 2019. “Including the Concept of Gender and Its Inherent Complexities, Influences, and Implications in Social Work Practice and Education.” Australian Social Work 72 (1): 117–20.

Open Access Articles

Barlow, J., Sembi, S., Parsons, H., Kim, S., Petrou, S., Harnett, P., & Dawe, S. (2019). A randomized controlled trial and economic evaluation of the Parents Under Pressure program for parents in substance abuse treatment. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 194e, 194, 184-194.

Gilchrist, G., Dennis, F., Radcliffe, P., Henderson, J., Howard, L. M., & Gadd, D. (2019). The interplay between substance use and intimate partner violence perpetration: A meta-ethnography. International Journal of Drug Policy, 65, 8-23.

Henderson, J. L., Brownlie, E. B., McMain, S., Chaim, G., Wolfe, D. A., Rush, B., … & Beitchman, J. H. (2019). Enhancing prevention and intervention for youth concurrent mental health and substance use disorders: The Research and Action for Teens study. Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 13(1), 110-119.

Salemink, E., Woud, M. L., Roos, M., Wiers, R., & Lindgren, K. P. (2019). Reducing alcohol-related interpretive bias in negative affect situations: Using a scenario-based Cognitive Bias Modification training paradigm. Addictive Behaviors, 88, 106-113..

Useful resources

BASIS (Brief Addiction Science Information Source) is a weekly information digest which provides a summary of recent research related to AOD in plain English.

Insight Qld Toolkits

Queensland Needle and Syringe Program: Toolkit

Brief Intervention

First Nations AOD

Withdrawal Management

AOD Client Engagement

Opioid Check

Dual Diagnosis

Young People and Drugs (with Dovetail)

Meth Check

AOD Health Literacy

Working with Families

e-Book of the month

Frišaufová, M. (2016). I Know What Iʼm Doing : Experiences of Women Who Use Methamphetamine. Brno: Masarykova univerzita.

Women drug users have been in the focus of social science research for several decades. Quite a lot has been written about their specific situation, especially concerning their unequal gender position, higher stigmatization, or harder access to treatment or social services. On the other hand, not much attention has been given to their strategies of resistance, or dealing with problems they encounter in their everyday lives. In this book, the author provides a different view on their living situations. Through the narrative analysis of qualitative interviews and focus groups with seven women who have experience with long-term methamphetamine use, the author explores not only the challenges that they face, but also the strengths and agency they use to influence and take control of their lives, and negotiate their needs and interests with the world around them (Publisher’s summary)

Free to download for all HOA staff from the library catalogue on work computers

Listen – podcasts, webinars

Association of Participating Service Users Podcasts stories which challenge stereotypes around addiction and substance use and opens up conversation around the areas of life where substance use intersects such as mental health, homelessness, family violence, parenting issues and the criminal justice system.

Insight presentation recordings available now on YouTube

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