Book of the month: April 2017

Gray, D., Shaw, G., d’Abbs, P., Brooks, D., Stearne, A., Mosey, A., & Spooner, C. (2006). Policing, volatile substance misuse, and Indigenous Australians. Mardon, SA: National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund.
This is more of a research report than a book, although it is 136 pages long. The authors conducted interviews in remote communities throughout Australia to try to find a solution to volatile substance misuse amongst Indigenous Australians. They interviewed police, members of the community and users to ascertain their opinions. Whilst the majority felt that something needed to be done, no solution was found, although their were several suggestions. The overwhelming feeling was that the police, various levels of government and community members should work in partnership to develop trusting relationships and to maintain the safety of the users and the community. It is an interesting and informative report and is worth a read by those who have an interest in Indigenous Communities or substance abuse.
It is available to download for all Healthy Options staff via our library webpage.

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