January PD

You can add to the professional development post by commenting below or emailing the library.

Read – professional reading

Watson, Tara Marie, et al. “Developing national best practice recommendations for harm reduction programmes: Lessons learned from a community-based project.” International Journal of Drug Policy 41 (2017): 14-18.

Starcevic, Vladan, and Vlasios Brakoulias. “Current understanding of the relationships between obsessive-compulsive disorder and personality disturbance.” Current Opinion in Psychiatry 30.1 (2017): 50-55.

Marsh, Whitney, Heith Copes, and Travis Linnemann. “Creating visual differences: Methamphetamine users perceptions of anti-meth campaigns.” International Journal of Drug Policy 39 (2017): 52-61.

Bhatt, Achal, and Aminder Gill. “Opiate addiction-current trends and treatment options.” International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 4.7 (2017): 2503-2507. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18203/2320-6012.ijrms20161911


Attend – informal learning sessions, journal club, seminar series

An Introduction to Youth AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs). This short online package is designed to give workers, services and communities who engage with young people an overview of the Youth AOD field.  http://dovetail.org.au/youthaod.aspx

Ice Training for Frontline Workers. A free online resource enabling frontline workers to enhance their knowledge of methamphetamine https://nceta.androgogic.com.au/

Project gauge alcohol and other drugs client engagement and participation toolkit.  Consists of 5 self-paced online modules taking 10-15 minutes each to complete which will enable AOD workers to create partnerships with clients .http://insightqld.org/project-gauge/

Journal club (available to Healthy Options workers only) Internal professional development session held in the Annerley boardroom and via Skype meeting. Date: TBC

Attend – conferences 

National Disability Services NSW Conference

Date: 23/02/2017-24/02/2017. Attendance at the conference provides information and insight into how organisations can operate within the NDIS

Cost: On website

Listen – podcasts, webinars

Insight Won’t be running any webinars until March but their 2016 archive can be viewed on  Vimeo and includes: PTSD. Are we missing it? AOD sector update and launch of Meth check Understanding domestic violence within the context of AOD The lowdown on AOD apps and websites Understanding treatment for personality disorders

Assessed learning – short courses, certificates, diplomas, bachelors, post-grad

The Addicted Brain: This MOOC covers addiction to drugs and how information in the brain helps individual overcome addiction. Starts 23/01/2017. Free for the online content but there is a fee for certificates and assessment. https://www.coursera.org/learn/addiction-and-the-brain


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