September PD opportunities

Write – presentations and papers

8th Australasian Drug and Alcohol Strategy Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, 2-5 May 2017.
Call for Abstracts
The overall theme of ADASC 2017 is Influencing Attitudes – how can thinking and behaviour towards alcohol and drug use be changed?
Both the Australian and New Zealand national drug policies recognise the critical importance of building partnerships between health and law enforcement sectors and engaging all levels and parts of government and non-government sectors and the community.
ADASC 2017 seeks to strengthen the partnerships between law enforcement, health practitioners, academics and policy makers at a local, national and international level; bringing people together to examine, review, assess, share and learn from each other.

Read – professional reading

Shakeshaft, A. (June 2016) Improving substance abuse treatment outcomes for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in rural, community-based health settings
Evidence shows that rural/regional Australians experience disproportionately high rates of substance abuse, and that it is strongly associated with serious physical and mental health harms. To address these issues, we identified the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), a version of cognitive-behaviour therapy, adapted to optimise its relevance and acceptability to Indigenous Australians.

Sheals, K., Tombor, I., McNeill, A., and Shahab, L. (2016) A mixed-method systematic review and meta-analysis of mental health professionals’ attitudes toward smoking and smoking cessation among people with mental illnesses. Addiction, 111: 15361553. doi: 10.1111/add.13387.

People with mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders are important targets for smoking cessation interventions. Mental health professionals (MHPs) are ideally placed to deliver interventions, but their attitudes may prevent this. This systematic review therefore aimed to identify and estimate quantitatively MHPs attitudes towards smoking and main barriers for providing smoking cessation support and to explore these attitudes in-depth through qualitative synthesis.

Salom, C. L., Kelly, A. B., Alati, R., Williams, G. M., Patton, G. C., and Williams, J. W. (2016) Individual, school-related and family characteristics distinguish co-occurrence of drinking and depressive symptoms in very young adolescents. Drug Alcohol Rev, 35: 387396. doi: 10.1111/dar.12303.

Alcohol misuse and depressed mood are common during early adolescence, and comorbidity of these conditions in adulthood is associated with poorer health and social outcomes, yet little research has examined the co-occurrence of these problems at early adolescence. This study assessed risky and protective characteristics of pre-teens with concurrent depressed mood/early alcohol use in a large school-based sample.

Attend – informal learning sessions, journal club, seminar series

Journal club (available to Healthy Options workers only)
Internal professional development session held in the Annerley boardroom and via Skype meeting.
September’s journal club will be presented by the SA team.
Date: TBC

Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change
In this social science course, you will learn how social workers in the United States engage in creating change and supporting the resilience of individuals, families and communities in this new era.
 Learners will have an opportunity to explore the social worker profession, the different roles of social workers in a range of settings, the cross cutting themes that guide social work practice, the history of social work, and current challenges.
 Using a social justice lens, learners will reflect on current challenges facing the lives of individuals, families and communities and examine ways to advocate for needed changes. Duration: 5 weeks, 2-3hr/wk
Starts: 5th September
Attend – conferences
4th National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Conference
The Conference will highlight the contributing role that harmful alcohol and other drugs use has on the health and life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the interventions that are required to close the life equality gap that exists.
Dates: 11/10/2016-14/10/2016
Cost: $825 for the 3 days
Location, Stamford Hotel, Adelaide

Listen – podcasts, webinars

Dovetail Insight webinars
Free every Wednesday from 10am-11am.

AOD sector update and launch of ‘meth check’

Jeff Buckley, Director, Statewide Clinical Support Services
Jeff will provide an overview of the latest AOD policy and sector developments followed by the launch of a new suite of statewide methamphetamine clinical tools and resources called ‘Meth-Check’. This package includes clinical decision making flowcharts, an ultra-brief intervention tool, harm reduction resources and a free self-paced e-learning package
Date: 7th September

Benzodiazepines. All the latest from home and abroad.

Dr Finn will be providing an overview of the latest information and research about benzodiazepines and their place in, or, perhaps out, of treatment. The presentation will include findings from across Europe as well local practice initiatives here in Queensland. No broadcasts on 21stand 28th September due to school holidays.
Date: 14th September

Assessed learning – short courses, certificates, diplomas, bachelors, post-grad

Assessment of clients
Assessment of clients depends on the gathering of useful information so that suitable services can be identified. The information comes from a range of sources, both formal and informal
Venue: Online
Cost: $130 ACWA_CCWT members, $150 non-members
Other online courses can be accessed via their website:

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