Winter School Conference Day 3 – What the Tweets told us

If you want a wrap up of all the tweets about Winter School in a lovely package with great explanations you can visit the Lives Lived Well storify site:

Here’s just a brief insight into what was happening on the third day (2nd day of conference presentations) at Winter School.

Waste water analysis
Professor Wayne Hall presented on waste water analysis as a means of determining drug use.

If this is a topic that you are interested in, you may like to read:

Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice report “Measuring drug use patterns in Queensland through waste water analysis

Hall, W., Prichard, J., Paul Kirkbride, R. B., Thai, P. K., Gartner, C., Lai, F. Y., … & Mueller, J. F. (2012). An analysis of ethical issues in using wastewater analysis to monitor illicit drug useadd_3887 1767.. 1773. Addiction, 107, 1767-1773.

Novel psychoactive substances
Panel discussion on novel psychoactive substances

For further information consult

Bruno, R., Poesiat, R., & Matthews, A. J. (2013). Monitoring the Internet for emerging psychoactive substances available to Australia. Drug and alcohol review, 32(5), 541-544. Available on request from the library.
The challenge of new psychoactive substances 2013 report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.
Health promotion stream
Alcohol related violence
Professor Miller, presenter on this topic, is a frequent contributor to The Conversation, and you can read articles by him related to alcohol fuelled violence here, here, and here
Social marketing campaigns
For further reading:
Jones, S. C., & Magee, C. A. (2011). Exposure to alcohol advertising and alcohol consumption among Australian adolescents. Alcohol and Alcoholism, 46(5), 630-637.
Hall, D. V., Jones, S. C., & Hoek, J. (2011). Direct to consumer advertising versus disease awareness advertising: Consumer perspectives from down under. Journal of Public Affairs, 11(1), 60-69.
If you attended Winter School and would like to share some of your learnings please comment below or contact the library about contributing a blog post.

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