National Volunteer Week – thank you to our volunteers!

s and guys,

Being a not-for-profit organisation many of our programs hinge upon the work of volunteers.  We don’t get to see many programs volunteers in the library, but we hope that we can change that!

We know that volunteers have different motivations for contributing…


… but we feel confident that we can meet your resource needs regardless.

You can find information on volunteering and managing volunteers on the Volunteering Australia website, including:

  • National standards for involving volunteers in Not-for-profit organisations
  • Volunteer rights and responsibilities
  • Model code of practice for organisations involving volunteer staff
  • Volunteers and tax information

Here are some of the new resources that we have in the library that may be of interest to you in your role:

New resources in the library!

Come in and visit anytime, or drop us an email if you are in the other offices.

We hope that you feel as appreciated as you are…


 And a final HUGE thank you for all you do:

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.”
– William Shakespeare

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