Journal club follow-up – Counselling Transgender Clients

I presented journal club this month.  My article choice was based on a discussion with Lizzie Bayliss who heads up the Improved Services Initiative (ISI) project.  Lizzie’s project is all about capacity building in the organisation, particularly increasing capacity to work with clients from a range of backgrounds.
From that discussion the following article was chosen:

O’Hara, C., Dispenza, F., Brack, G., & Blood, R. A. (2013). The Preparedness of Counselors in Training to Work with Transgender Clients: A Mixed Methods Investigation. Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 7(3), 236-256.

Accessed at:

If you would like a copy with my annotations (my scrawled notes), please email me  I also have a copy of the LGB tool that was modified for the study to measure attitudes, knowledge and skill working with transgender clients.

These additional resources for working with transgender clients may be of interest:

This first one is the one I mentioned during the session:
American Counseling Association’s Competencies for Counseling with Transgender Clients (2010) Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 4 (3), 135-159

Queensland Association for Healthy Communities Inc. (2008) Supporting sex and gender diverse (trans) clients: Providing respectful and inclusive services to transsexual, transgender, genderqueer and sistergirl clients

Centre of Excellence for Transgender Health: Transgender Health Learning Centre

Thanks to those who attended journal club yesterday!  The attendance was great and really fabulous to have some volunteers attend too.

If you have other resources that may be useful for supporting transgender clients be sure to share them with your colleagues in the comments. 

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