Using online tools and apps with clients

There are an increasing number of websites and apps being created to help people with drug and alcohol and/or mental health issues. 

Can these tools be used to complement practice with clients?

ReachOut has developed a professional development package for information on young people’s online context, and guidance on using technology in service delivery to make services more accessible and engaging for young people.

Access “Using technology in Sevice Delivery: Connecting our worlds

Modules include:
Part 1: Technology and Young People
Part 2: Technology 101
Part 3: Technology in Practice
Part 4: Ethics and Boundaries

The package has PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, and case studies.  You can work at your own pace through the modules.  You will have to sign up for a “professional account” to access the information. 

Their professional development site also lists a number of websites and apps for use with young people.  Including their recently released “The Sorter”, aimed at men over 18.
The app covers:

  • Sex & relationships
  • Alcohol & other drugs
  • Friends & family
  • Study stress
  • Work & cash 
  • We’ll be sure to cover more about what’s available in terms of quality apps over the coming weeks.

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