Introductory resources for working in AOD

If you’re new to working in the field of Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) or just keen to get as much information as possible, here are 3 resources that may be of use to you.

1) InSight’s free online induction modules
Developed for both government and non-government workers.  It’s suggested that you work through the modules in order.
The modules include:
Big Picture
Psychoactive drugs
Microcounselling skills
Motivational Interviewing
AOD Clinical Assessment
Relapse Prevention and Management

2) ADCA’s Tips and Trick for New Players: a guide to becoming familiar with the alcohol and other drugs sector [4th Ed]
An excellent resource that includes information on services, acronyms and abbreviations, researching, resources, peak bodies, key concepts, and more…
If you have time be sure to fill in the linked survey so ADCA can improve and adjust future editions.

3) Dovetail’s Good Practice Toolkit
Guide 01: A framework for youth alcohol and other drug practice
Guide 02: Legal and ethical dimensions of practice
Guide 03: Practice strategies and interventions

Any resources you’d suggest for beginners?

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