Webinars and online talks for AOD and mental health professionals

Here are 5 places you can go to view webinars and talks on AOD and Mental Health.  Webinars and online presentations can be an easy and convenient way to get information on the latest research and keep abreast of developments in your professional field.

1) InSight have an archive of their presentations held at Biala in Brisbane.  You can also sign up for their webinars and participate in future presentations
Talks include:

  • DBT in the treatment of borderline personality disorber
  • Speeding towards disaster – Amphetamine-Type Stimulants
  • Achieving and measuring AOD and other outcomes in among Indigenous people involved in the Boystown Program
  • and more…


2) Australian Drug Foundation’s YouTube channel, which includes a seminar on ICT and counselling

3) Talking Point’s YouTube channel, including items on:

  • Resilience based practice
  • Exploring drug and alcohol harms across health settings


4) Mental Health Professionals Network series of webinars including:

  • A collaborative approach to supporting people at risk of suicide
  • Working together: working better to support families living with parental mental illness
  • Perinatal mental health
  • Complex trauma
  • and much more…


5) Dovetail videos including:

  • Harm minimisation in Australia
  • Tips for frontline workers: Dual Diagnosis
  • Bad trip guidelines


 and another bonus one;

TED talks on mental health including:

  • The voices in my mind
  • Toward a new understanding of mental illness
  • A tale of mental illness from the inside


Have another suggestion for your colleagues? Comment below.

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