Staff and volunteer interviews – Kara Ekeberg

Another staff interview and another list of great resources!  If you’re itching to share some of the books, websites and journals that you use contact the Resource Centre.
Thanks to Kara for today’s interview – Kara even snuck in a couple of extra brilliant suggestions!


Name:  Kara Ekeberg

Position & organisation:  AOD Clinical Worker, Drug Arm

Location:  Warwick, Sth Downs.  The Rose and Rodeo City

The resource (book, journal) that I use the most is…

Jarvis, T., Tebbutt, J., Mattick, R., Shand, R. (2005). “Treatment Approaches for Alcohol and Drug Dependence: An introductory guide”, 2nd edn.  England: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd


Great reference book, at a glance, and very easy to read.  Has something for everyone; I have even copied some of the information for clients because it is so user friendly.  (It is also on the’ must have’ list of NCPIC books)


Jongsma, A. (2006). “Adult Psychotherapy Homework Planner”. New Jersey; Wiley and Sons.


Great homework assignments and exercises keyed to behaviour changes that support CBT and MI interactions.  Eg:  Early Warning Signs of Relapse, Relapse prevention planning;  Acknowledging my strengths, What’s good about me and my life…  and it comes with a CD that loads up all the worksheets into your laptop so you can customise them for your client.


The Royal Australian College Of General Practitioners Concise Guide to Medicines and Drugs … because… my clients are (often) on a cocktail of medications and this book is a wealth of information and quick reference guide to more than 2000 prescription and over the counter drugs…

An online resource I think others should look at is….

Because….  Officially, I am filling up my bucket list.

Unofficially – I am a going through a midlife crisis (don’t know if I should be telling my boss this, lol) and have discovered the fantastic world of online learning.  Currently enrolled in –  ‘Human Health and Global Environmental Change’ at Harvard Ex – it’s a nice change from all things suicide studies.  The online lectures are of excellent quality, the best teachers (doctors, professors, everything you get on campus), and if you are inclined to submit the coursework you can also gain a certificate in many cases…  Just pick a topic you would never have thought about before and go for it… few (if any) pre-requisites needed.  My class has 10,000 students from all over the planet.

I wish I had more information on…

Narrative Therapy and DBT, practice, techniques etc. 

On the weekend you can find me reading…

If it is a uni semester, then anything and everything to do with Contemporary Suicide Prevention Practice & and Advances in Suicide Research.  When it is not a uni semester, I adore detective and thriller novels (Jo Nesbo books, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo kind of thing), plus How to Raise Organic Chickens, Amish Quilts (and how to make them), … with 4 kids, cattle, sheep, geese, ducks, chickens, dogs, parrots, cats, not too much time for any more reading….  J
If you’re keen to have a look at the resources Kara has suggested: 

“Treatment approaches for alcohol and drug dependence” can be previewed on Google books here –

The Resource Centre has a few copies on the shelf – if you’d like to borrow one.

“Adult psychotherapy homework planner” can be previewed here –

We don’t have this title but WE DO have “The complete adult psychotherapy treatment planner”, by the same authors and it incorporates the homework planner – there is one on shelf, so be quick if you want to snap it up –
The Royal Australian College Of General Practitioners Concise Guide to Medicines and Drugs” – have a look at the blurb here – 
This is not held by the Resource Centre, but held in 45 libraries around Australia – visit and scroll to the bottom of the page to see if there’s a copy near you!

If you’re quite fond of a thriller too you can see what Jo Nesbo has published here!

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