Resource Centre online services

Here in the Resource Centre we’ve started the journey to move a number of services and resources online. It’s a lengthy process, but we’re getting there.  We’re also working to make sure the Resource Centre caters to all three organisations that came together in the merger (i.e. Drug Arm, the Mental Health Association, and the Australian College of Community Services)

Why move to online services?

A few reasons:

  • Creating services that are accessible to all our internal clients – with offices across the country and just our little library in Brisbane, it can be difficult to make sure we’re servicing all the staff and volunteers of the organisation equally. Sometimes we suspect people don’t know we’re here… and there are certainly staff and vollies that we haven’t had the chance to meet.

  • We can broaden our scope to provide services externally. Did you know we’re a public library too? We want to make that known and let everyone know that we have something to offer them.

  • Online information is quicker to access, and if your phone or tablet is internet enabled (and you can get a 3G signal!) you can get it anywhere. We’ll help you learn how. Google is great, but we suspect that if we are able to move our services and information online we’ll be able to point you in the direction of some really useful resources specific to Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) and Mental Health (MH)

  • You can take and leave what you want (and not hurt our feelings). We’re investigating what services we can automate so you can subscribe, unsubscribe and edit the updates you receive whenever you feel like it

So what’s the plan?

  • A new Resource Centre website is in progress. It’s with our IT consultants right now, so we can’t reveal exactly what it’ll look like, but we’re excited!
  • This blog! Stay tuned for resource reviews, guest blogs, professional development follow-up and opportunities, new resources, and tips and tricks for finding the best information to inform your practice
  • Twitter – quick updates so that you always have the latest information
  • and more…

So what do you think? Any particular Resource Centre service you’d like to see online? Comment here or email us

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